The Hope Fund for Children

of Sun City Center, Florida     

Helping Children Learn


Mentoring, Reading and Tutoring Programs provide 1:1 attention to the children. Research shows that high quality interaction allows students to feel heard and supported.

Marathon Kids is our after school running program. Through running, we show kids they can achieve more than they ever thought possible and put them on the path to healthier lives.

Our Art Instructor shares her appreciation for art and her training as the children create their own art.

Chess instruction helps our students problem solve and think quickly.

We provide books, games, tablets and school supplies to our students.

Field Trips offer new experiences to our childrens’ lives and
open their eyes to other life opportunities. Speakers bring new
and engaging activities to our sites.

Health and Safety, Violence and Bullying Protection Programs
teach strategies needed to make sense of aggressive behavior
and how to protect yourself.

We have a Little Free Library; any child may take a free book from our Little Free Library.

Critical Thinking teaches children how to think logically and to make reasonable decisions..

Second Steps is designed to promote school success, self control and a sense of safety and support.

Services and Sponsors

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